How much does it cost to hire a magician in Singapore?

How much does it cost to hire a kids party magician for my child's birthday?

 Magician’s fees can vary from over two hundred to a few hundreds; it usually depends on market conditions, experience, exposure, magician’s magic props and the entertainer branding. 

A listing of kids party magicians / event companies in Singapore has been compiled below and I hope it would be useful to you. Simply google their names and you should be able to find them. 



1. Derek Magic  

2. Tricky Patrick

3. Jelly Bean Party 
4. E Magical Moment 

5. Happier   

6. Partymojo    

7. Jnr Entertainment   

8. Mr Egg  
9. Aaron Leong Funny Baby  

.10. True Vine Kids Magic  

11. Eclipse Party SG   

11. Party Parlour

13. Party heart 

14 Party Empire  

 15. Jason Tan 

 15. Magic of Markson   

16. Creative Magic Inc  

17. Mr Bottles kids party     

18. Markors Events   

19. Party People

 20. Mumbo Magic  
21. Cream of Maestro    
22. Tommillusions   
23. Magic of Joe Yu  
24. Captain Dazzle 

25. Tommy Kian  
26. Magical Events   
27. Magic Creatus 
28. Vibrance Entertainment

magician kid party
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