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Event Entertainment and Party Services hit by Covid-19 Virus

Covid-19 struck the world since November 2019. The impact of this pandemic hit Singaporeans very hard during April when Singapore government declared a one month lock down for everyone starting from April 5. This emergency protocol was released to prevent the situation from getting worst. Only core services were allowed to operate. Events, gatherings and celebrations are forbidden by the law. Everyone was mandated to stay at home, especially the young and the elderly. The only reason for anyone to go out is to fulfill the essentials. It got worst when our prime minister extended the lock down til June 1 as the number of covid-19 cases increased in Singapore and scientists all over the world is still working on its vaccination.

My business was badly affected and it still is. Prior bookings since January were all cancelled. I refunded the deposit to the clients who cancelled in goodwill; I felt this was what I can do my part in helping my clients cope with the crisis. With the lock down in May, there is zero income from entertainment. Singapore is not the only country affected. This pandemic is global. All my peers in the same industry were suffering, from Asia to America. 

I try to take this period to develop material for virtual magic shows. Conducting magic shows via Zoom. Very challenging as unlike the traditional, interactive way of making children laugh, i have to conjure up new ways of bringing joy to the children watching me on screen. There is 2-way communication via Zoom but its limited to what i can see on the screen. 

I always try my best to remind myself to make the best of every situation I am in. I will focus on doing the best virtual magic show I can and hope for the pandemic to be over, so I will be the real stage again. 

Memorable Moments for the Magician

singapore kids party magician Derek performing in gardens by the bay
Performing at the iconic landmark of Singapore Gardens by the Bay during a festival

Pursuing my dream as a magician has brought me joy immensely. It has taken me to many places in Singapore. I have had the opportunity to make children happy at Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa, The Singapore Zoo and my latest performance was at Singapore Changi Airport. Its a wonderful feeling to be able to present my show in places that I am familiar with since childhood. 

Performing at Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort
Performing at the Singapore Zoo
Performing at the Singapore Science Center.
singapore kids party magician Derek performing in Changi Airport
Performing at the Singapore Changi Airport

I also enjoyed interacting with the children and even adults in every party. I am very lucky because for every party I have been to, the hosts are very hospitable and treat me like one of their guests. Children who are shy at first, warmed up to me after the show and many times, came forward to chat with me while i am packing my props. 

Posing with a boy who came to me after my show

I am truly thankful to have found magic in my life. Online or onsite, I am always looking forward to bring fun and joy to the children i meet.

The Party Planning Guide you need for your Party!

kids party picture

I am a professional magician and a party planner and have been doing this for a decade. I want to share some tips with you to make your party to be a successful one.
1. Involve people to help
Give the birthday child or his or her older sibling responsibility. Recommended to assign a simple task for birthday child to get him or her involved for the special day. Allowing your child to make creative decisions with you makes the party even more special.
Or ask family and friends for help. If you have hired a professional kids entertainment company, take advantage of their expertise to make your party a successful event.
2. Set a budget
Setting aside the sum of money you are willing to spend allows you to make choices and determine what party you would like to have.
3. Set a theme
Customize the party theme based on your child’s favorite movie, toy or even colors  
4. Choose a location
The earlier you can decide the venue, the better. Book your preferred venue early because just like entertainers, the good ones get booked fast.
5. Order the birthday cake
You can decide the birthday cake based on the party theme. 
Decide the kids party entertainment. 
There are 2 types of party entertainment – active or passive.
Passive entertainment is when children get in line and receive face painting or balloon animals from a balloon sculptor.  
Active entertainment is a party performer and this could be a professional kids’s magician  or a puppet show.
Active entertainment will definitely give your party much more excitement and add to the festive feel of your party.  
7. Food and beverages
Will it be lunch (11am -1pm) or dinner (5pm-8pm) or simply light snacks (2pm – 4pm)? Do have a look through your guest lists if you can identify anyone who is a vegetarian or have a special diet. They will be very impressed if you cater a special order just for them. 
8. Goodie Bags
Are you giving away goodie bags? What will be inside? Stationery, sweets, small toys or confectionery are common ideas.

9. Create a guest list 
Create a guest list. Design a birthday invite and send to them. Set a deadline for them to respond if they are available for the day. Finally create a confirmed guest list for the day. 
10. Party Decor 
Plan on the party decor you would like for the party. Party decor sets the mood for a great birthday party.  Balloons, banners or streamers can easily change the normal room into an exciting party room. If you doing the party decor yourself, it will be good to ask a few relatives, friends for help on the actual day.
11. Shop for refreshments and snacks at least 2 days before the event. Plan for ice (how to get on actual day or the night before)
12. Make a party checklist for the actual day to account for everything important. Eg. of items in the list,  
– the camera fully charged before the event

– candles, lighter, cake-cutting knife

Samyak's third birthday celebration at Kailesh Parbat with Derek Magic

kids party magician

It was Samyat’s third birthday celebration! Everyone having a great time at Kailash Prabat restaurant with Derek Magic. Wonderful moments captured at the magic show and the party by professional photographer from

More pictures here:

children reacting to kids party magician