Art Workshop: DIY Drawstring Bag Painting

Creative. Fun. Confidence-boosting.

Highly recommended for home parties or corporate events for parent-child bonding


Painting on kids drawstring bags makes a great kids party activity as the kids can have lots of fun painting and expressing their creativity.

Our durable fabric paints and drawstring bags provided will ensure the drawstring bags are reusable plenty of times without your kids painted designs coming off.


Each personalized party pack comes with pencils, carbon papers, and printed designs for every kid at the party! This way, the kids can trace on the drawstring bags before painting. No drawing skills required! There will be a hardcopy instruction booklet included.

– Higher level of creativity and confidence

– Kids have a souvenir to keep after the party

– Lots of fun for the kids!

– Fun parent-child bonding activity

Price: $150 Nett 
6 party packs to be delivered to your home within a week upon payment


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What if I have more participants attending the workshop?
A. You can cater for more people attending. We can give you a customized for additional material. Please whatsapp us at 90610766 for more information

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