Fascinating. Friendly. Fast.

Within a few minutes, the caricature artist will complete a cartoon portrait of the guest sitting before him. This marvelous souvenir will definitely put a smile on his or her face. 

Price: $180/60 minutes, subsequent timing $160/ 60 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is a caricature?
A. It is a picture of a person sketched within minutes in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic effect. 

Q. How many sketches can a caricature artist (caricaturist) produce in 60 minutes?
A.  He can draw 20 faces in an hour.

Q. What time should i start caricature activity?
A. Some guests will arrive before time while others after the start time. It’s alright to start caricature with the official party starting time. The caricaturist can sketch your family first.   

Q. How much time do you need to setup for caricature activity?
A. The face painter will be at your venue 5 before activity start time to get ready.

Q. Do you have packages inclusive of face painting or/and other activities?
A. Yes, we have. Packages are very popular and offer savings for more activities booked. Find out more here.

Q. Does the caricature artist need the host to provide anything?
A. Yes, 2 chairs. A table is useful but not necessary. 

Q. How do I book your caricature artist (caricaturist)?
A. Whatsapp me (Derek) at 90610766 to inform me your venue and when you would like to start the show. Once i respond with my availability, you can confirm my artist time slot with a deposit payment. You can transfer deposit via paynow or bank transfer. The remaining payment should be made on the event day itself.

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