Close-up magic show

Mysterious. Astonishing. Fun.

Close-up magic show is a show in which magic is performed before your eyes. This show involves pocket sized objects like playing cards, coins and mind-reading show will amaze the young and old. Performed in an intimate setting in small groups, the magician will move from a group to the other, spending about 8-10 minutes per group. 

close-up magic show
close up magic singapore
close-up magic show

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What time should i start the show?
A. This show is non-attention grabbing and quieter in nature, relative to kids magic show. It can be used to engage the early birds coming in for the event.

Q. How much time do you need to setup?
A. I will be at your venue 10 minutes earlier to setup for the magic show.

Q. Is close-up magic suitable for birthday parties?
A. Its more commonly engaged for carnivals, big events, with the magician mingling with the guests. It has also been commonly used for cocktail for banquets and dnd.