Glitter Tattoo

Colorful. Creative. Charming.

Add some sparkle and shine at your special event! Glitter tattoos are just like fashionable jewellery, being temporary body art on your children’s arms. Our artists use the best quality glue and glitter. Glitter tattoo applied on skin is waterproof and can be easily removed by rubbing it away.

Price: $150/60 minutes, subsequent timing $130/ 60 minute

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Are glitter tattoos safe? What are the ingredients?
A. Yes Glitter Tattoos are safe as they do not contain any metal or glass. It is made of polyester plastic and is safe for sensitive skin. .

Q. What is glitter tattoo? 
A. Glitter tattoo is the creative combination of safe body glue and colors of glitter applied on arms or face.  

Q. How is glitter tattoo applied?
A. Glitter Tattoo are applied with water resistant glue. The glue is painted on skin through a stencil.

Q. How long does a glitter tattoo last?
A. Glitter tattoo will last 3-5 days, if taken care of properly.

Q. Can i get my glitter tattoo wet? Can i shower with it?
A. Yes, a glitter tattoo can get wet. When washing, wash around the glitter tattoo. Let soap and shampoo cascade around the glitter tattoo but do not rub the glitter tattoo area.

Q. How much time do you need to setup for glitter tattoo?
A. The face painter will be at your venue 5-8 minutes before activity start time to get ready.

Q. What does the glitter tattoo artist require for this activity?
A. A table and 2 chairs.

Q. How do I remove my glitter tattoo?
A.  Glitter tattoos are easily removable with 70% isopropyl alcohol, or baby oil.

Q. Do you have packages inclusive of glitter tattoo or/and other activities?
A. Yes, we have. Packages are very popular and offer more savings for more activities booked. Find out more here.

Q. How do I book your glitter tattoo?
A. Whatsapp me (Derek) at 90610766 to inform me your venue and when you would like to start the show. Once i respond with my availability, you can confirm my time slot with a deposit payment. You can transfer deposit via paynow or bank transfer. The remaining payment should be made on the event day itself.