Helium Balloons

Long-lasting. Consistent. Reliable.

High quality 100% latex balloons
Balloon size 11 inches and price 

Price: Add $100 for 50 balloons include delivery, helium gas inflation and attach with  ribbon.

helium balloons

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How long do helium balloons float?
A. Helium balloons stay afloat for approximately 8 to 10 hours.

Q. Can helium balloon last outdoors?
A. Helium does not work well outdoors in the heat. (Like all substances, helium molecules, which are less dense than air to begin with, expand when heated. This expansion of molecules causes helium to be even less dense. Steadily increased heat and pressure from the moving molecules will eventually lead to the balloon popping.)

Q. How do I order helium balloons?
A. Whatsapp me (Derek) at 90610766 to inform me your venue and when you would like the balloons, the color and quantity. Once available, you can confirm the order with a deposit payment. You can transfer deposit via paynow or bank transfer. The remaining payment should be made on the event day itself.