Online Magic Workshop for Kids: ABC of Magic

Fun. Personalized. Enriching.

Spend just 60 minutes to learn at least 3 magic effects from professional magician Derek  in this exclusive online magic workshop. This one to one coaching session will be conducted via zoom at your preferred date and time.

Price: $88 (inclusive of free refresher lesson)

testimonial for magic workshop
magic workshop singapore
testimonial for magic workshop

Magic Workshop Advantages for Kids

It helps to build and boost self-confidence

It inspires curiosity, creativity and expands imagination

It improves interpersonal skills like presentation skills, communication skills, public speaking skills

It helps to develop fine and gross motor skills, improves coordination

Increases critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What if my child forget about the effects that I learn from the course?
A. A refresher course (within 6 months from course date) via zoom can be conducted for your child to reinforce the knowledge imparted. 

Q. Why is the course only 60 minutes and only 5 tricks?
A. My focus is on quality teaching not quantity. I will explain to your child in detail what to do, help them work on the moves and give more instructions at the end, if required.

Q. 60 minutes is too long for my child; can you shorten it?
A. Yes, its possible. I can break up that hour session into two  sessions instead. 

Q. Can I as a parent join in the session?
A. Yes. This can be a great parent-child bonding session. I will conduct the lesson for both of you. 

Q. What is the suitable age for this magic course?
A. 5 years and above is perfect; but if your child is 3 or 4 years, i can offer another course (prop-based) option for you at no additional charge. Find out more from me now at 90610766.

Q. How do I book the course?
A. Whatsapp me (Derek) at 90610766 to inform your desired date and time as well as your child’s age. I will advise you the payment instructions if I am available. If I am not, I will propose an alternative date and time for your consideration.

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