Pinata Hosting

Fun-filled Session of Goodies

A pinata is a container of toys and sweets that is suspended from a height and broken open by children as part of the celebration. The professional host will ensure safety and great fun for the participants


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is inside the pinata
A. Confectionery, stationery or candy.

Q. What do the pinata host require?
A.  We need space to hang the pinata and to conduct the pinata hosting.

Q. What if the pinata session ends very quickly?
A. The pinata host will conduct a game to make the session more interesting if the pinata session ends within 5 minutes.

Q.  Do I need to supply speakers?
A.  We will supply the speakers.

Q. How do I book your game host?
A. Whatsapp me (Derek) at 90610766 to inform me your venue and when you would like to start the game hosting. Once i respond with game host’s  availability, you can confirm his or her time slot with a deposit payment. You can transfer deposit via paynow or bank transfer. The remaining payment has to be made on the event day itself or before.