How to reset the clown coloring frame?

How to reset the coloring clown frame?

The coloring clown frame is a very easy magic trick to do and children can easily perform it. Just by pulling out a black and white picture of a clown, it will reveal itself as a colored picture. 

it comes in 2 sizes –

close-up  $2.50 (usual price $5)
stage (highly-recommended).   $8

How to reset the coloring clown frame (close-up) after performance?

1. You start by holding colored clown picture
2.Pull the transparent holder (the picture of the clown is printed on the holder) out slightly
3. Then you open the sleeve by gently pressing the side with your thumb and first finger
clown frame magic
4. Slip the clown picture behind the inside white card and slide the holder into the white card.
5. Push it all the way down and you are set for your next performance!

To order this magic prop or any other fun stuff, simply whatsapp Derek at 9061 0766

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