Event Companies badly hit by Covid 19

Covid-19 struck the world since November 2019. The impact of this pandemic really seeped in during April when Singapore government declared a one month lock down for everyone starting from April 5. This emergency protocol was released to prevent the situation from getting worst. Only core services were allowed to operate. Events, gatherings and celebrations are forbidden by the law. Everyone was mandated to stay at home, especially the young and the elderly. The only reason for anyone to go out is to fulfill the essentials. 

My business was badly affected. Prior bookings since January were all cancelled. I refunded the deposit to the clients who cancelled in goodwill; I felt this was what I can do my part in helping my clients cope with the crisis. With the lock down in May, there is zero income from entertainment. Singapore is not the only country affected. This pandemic is global. All my peers in the same industry were suffering, from Asia to America. 

I try to take this period to develop material for virtual magic shows. Conducting magic shows via Zoom. Very challenging as unlike the traditional, interactive way of making children laugh, i have to conjure up new ways of bringing joy to the children watching me on screen. There is 2-way communication via Zoom but its limited to what i can see on the screen. 

I always try my best to remind myself to make the best of every situation I am in. I will focus on doing the best virtual magic show I can and hope for the pandemic to be over, so I will be the real stage again.